Amazon Adds Travel Sector

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post The largest juggernaut of convenience just grew larger and more convenient. First online in 1995 as a superstore of books, electronics, appliances, and more, Amazon added a travel agency sector to their repertory of services provided, a move many hope will centralize, and perhaps more fluidly handle the process of […]

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Breakthrough Traveling to Cuba?

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post Airbnb authorities declared today that the group driven neighborliness organization will be one of the first U.S. organizations to offer lodging to U.S. voyagers who fit into the 12 classes of affirmed motivations to go to Cuba. New standards set up by President Obama’s organization in January has made it simpler for Americans to go to Cuba. They can’t go as travelers yet they can strive for affirmed reasons, for example, instructive exercises, proficient gatherings, philanthropic tasks and athletic rivalries. More than 1,000 postings are presently accessible on Airbnb. Around 40 percent are in Havana. … Continue reading Breakthrough Traveling to Cuba?

Dell Accepts Bitcoin Internationally

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, Bitcoin has people talking. What exactly is bitcoin? Bitcoin is an innovative alternate form of money. For more on bitcoin, check out While bitcoin hasn’t quite taken off to the point that its everyones first mode of payment, it is gaining momentum. Dell recently made headlines in that it is the largest company to accept bitcoin internationally. While already accepting bitcoin in the United States, Michael Dell tweeted out to his 864,000 plus followers that Dell will now accept bitcoin from customers in the United Kingdom and Canada. … Continue reading Dell Accepts Bitcoin Internationally

Hot Spots to Travel in 2015

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post Lately, traveling has become a fad of our society, and it’s no surprise why. With all of the wonderful, exotic things the world has to offer – from famous landmarks to endangered species, traveling is a great way to gain cultural experience and expand your horizons as a human being. Why not be exposed to all of these incredible, surreal sights? So, what are some of the biggest travel destinations of 2015 (without all the touristy crowds, of course)? Here’s a list of some of the most-travel-wanted hotspots for this coming year: First is Gujarat … Continue reading Hot Spots to Travel in 2015


Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post As one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations, Barcelona is one of greatest cities in the world. Home to about 1,620,943 people, it is the second most populated city in Spain after Madrid. But what about it makes it so great and popular? Lets take a look at three things that contribute to what makes Barcelona one of the greatest cities out there. 1. Camp Nou Camp Nou is the arena where European football powerhouse F.C. Barcelona plays. Despite this mainly being for the avid sports fan, it still remains one of Barcelona’s most … Continue reading Barcelona

Los Angeles | California

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post A great place to visit in the United States would have to be Los Angeles. Home to about 3.8 million people, Los Angeles is a place where everyone wants to be. From the beaches, to the historical sites, to the stars there is so much to see and do. The main airport to get into Los Angeles is LAX but if need be, you can fly into Long Beach and drive 20 minutes to Los Angeles. Lets take a look at everything there is to do in Los Angeles. For those interested in the outdoors, … Continue reading Los Angeles | California

Paris | France

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post Another great place to travel to is Paris, France. Paris is the most populated city in France at 2,249,975 and rightfully so, as Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re into fine dining, you’ll love Paris. Paris has a plethora of great dining spots that each hold a unique dining experience. With many different dining options, it’s a great city to visit with a loved one. After all, the city is known as “The City of Love.” Not only is Paris beautiful, but its also easy to navigate so … Continue reading Paris | France

Marseille | France

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post A great city to visit in France is Marseille. Marseille is one of Europe’s oldest cities and France’s second largest city. Marseille is great for site seeing with Roman ruins, medieval architecture, distinguished cultural venues, and two historic forts. At the end of the harbor is the Quai de Belges which is where visitors view luxury yachts and ferries. Marseille has many attractions for tourist to take of advantage of both day and night. During the day, you can visit the various museums, art galleries, opera houses, theatres, and historic buildings. Some of the historic … Continue reading Marseille | France